Session Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you very much for your interest in Dream Come True Photo!  I'd love to answer all of your questions.  Please see some information below and please contact us for more information!


How much is your session?

$195 |  Little Star (mini session for a single subject only, no hair and makeup, 1 change of clothes, limited timeslots only)

$225 |  Platinum (2-3 hour session for the Lady of The House and those she wishes to share this special experience with: her husband, her babies, her mother, her sister - up to 6 people)

$450 | Legacy (2-3 hour session for the entire family of 5 people of more)

$395 |  All Inclusive VIP Experience (Platinum session that includes full hair and makeup with a highly-end styling artist, specifically trained to translate your favorite look into the style that photographs best.  Complete makeover available for 2 people at a time while the rest of the family is welcomed to join the session as soon as it is ready!).  

$300 |  Belly & Baby Session  (Mini maternity session and a Platinum newborn session)

  • While all products and digital files are not included into a session fee and are purchased separately, we are thrilled to offer
    valuable advantages and savings through our Create Your Own Collection program.

  • Session Fee is due at the time of booking and is non-refundable.  This ensures your spot on our calendar.

  • Please call ahead if you need to reschedule: we’d be happy to work out a timeslot that works better for you!  No-show forfeits the session fee.

  • For groups larger then 5 add $75 for each extra person to be able to capture a very special portrait for everyone!

  • No additional fees for grandparents in a Family Session at then end of your Wonder Baby Plan!  

  • Sessions outside of the 20 mile radius will require traveling expenses.  

  • Prices are subject to change without notice


What if I feel overwhelmed with clothing and other session preparations?

As a special service to our clients, you are welcomed to take advantage of our Design and Style Consultation.  

This is a special, additional in-person consultation, helping you to prepare for your photoshoot: in addition to our phone conversation, you are welcomed to get together and discuss/review your clothing, hair and makeup options.  You have a choice: Elly could either arrive to your house half an hour earlier and help you lay out/coordinate everybody’s clothing and accessories, or Elly could visit you in advance and do it a few days prior to our session.  Let us know what option gives you a bigger peace of mind and we would incorporate it into our schedule.

Our fee for a Design and Style Consultation  is $55 per each in-person appointment.


What packages do you offer?

We don't offer packages: we don't want you to be forced, coerced, tricked into getting something you never needed in a first place.  At Dream Come True Photo you only get the products that you absolutely LOVE, that reflect your personal style, custom fitted for your home, could be passed down to your children (and someday - your grandchildren!) and which value will only grow over the years.  We are here to preserve your legacy.  

You can invest into your products A La Carte or, if you wish for a better value for your investment, you are welcomed to Create A Collection, your own ideal package, custom-tailored to your artistic preferences and needs.

A La Carte selection allows to purchase 5x7 prints.  Every print that you purchase comes with a Low Res Digital File (printable up to 8x10 or shareable on Social Media) and start at $495.  

  • 3 5x7 gift prints with a digital file attached (Low Res, printable up to 8x10) -
    - $525
  • Every additional 5x7 print with a digital file attached (Low Res, printable up to 8x10) - $199

To have a better value for your investment and opportunity for some unique artistic products not available elsewhere, we offer to Create Your Own Collection system - you get to build your own ideal package.  

1. Select how many images you wish to have in your keepsake folio box: starting at $1200 with credit towards your favorite art piece

2. Select your art piece (starting at $295)
  a. Wall Art (16x16 or larger) 
  b. Keepsake Album (8 or more images) 

 Please click CONTACT for details and information.


What products do you offer?

Dream Come True Photo offers canvases, albums, art-prints and some unique products in a variety of sizes.  

Images convenient for sharing on social media are included into every purchase of the Digital Files and can be uploaded for easy sharing with your friends and family.


Any discounts/promotions?

Of course!  We offer exclusive promotions both to our new and existing customers.  Contact us to ensure you receive the latest news, promotions and special freebies!


Newborn Sessions

When should I schedule?

The best time to take some special photos of your precious little new baby is during the first 10 days after birth!  Notify us about your due date even before the baby is born to ensure we allocate a spot for you in our schedule and follow up as soon as your baby is actually delivered to be certain that we can capture and preserve those most special images!


Is one week too early to schedule a Newborn Session?

First 10 days is the ideal time to get the most amazing images! Contact us while you are still pregnant, or as early as you can, to save you a spot on Elly’s schedule before it gets filled!


My baby is already a week old... or a month old... or even older!  Am I too late?!

While the first 10 days is the ideal time, it is never too late to capture and preserve some timeless and precious moments for you and your family!  Contact us to create an ideal art-piece for your home or a precious heirloom which value will only grow as your baby keeps growing!


Do you offer a Baby Plan?

Absolutely! Dream Come True Photo offers incredible Wonder Baby Plan packages.  Contact us to get more information about easy and a convenient schedule, extraordinary savings and the unique products that will preserve both your baby’s and your own 1st year journey for lifetime!


What should I bring/prepare?

Your baby.  The binky, pacifier, favorite blanket or whatever little thing that helps him to fall asleep.  A bottle, if your baby will take it. A few extra diapers and a change of clothes for yourself (babies can be messy companions ;) - of your session is outside of your home.  You will get detailed session information, clothing tips, preparation advice that you will find useful even long after the session is over - immediately after booking.


What should my baby wear?

Newborns look most adorable with minimal coverings or naked.  If you have a cute hat, ribbon or another special accessory that is precious to you, you are welcomed to bring it.  Elly has collected and created herself a wide variety of baby hats, bows, wraps and accessories for you choose for your photographs.  Feel free to browse through her photos in a Dream Come True Photo Profile, pinterest page or facebook albums to to find a particular accessory, basket, prop, setup that melts your heart and you would love to have in the images of your own baby.


Can I schedule a session after my baby’s circumcision?

You can schedule a session prior to baby’s circumcision or after your baby’s circumcision has healed: at least 6 days after it was made.  During the session, we’ll be using tight wraps and cute little pants for the baby and we want him to feel pain-free and comfortable at all times!


How does the session go?

While we do have a studio location, Elly prefers to do the family sessions in our client's favorite locations: somewhere special, comfortable or just easy for that family. Choose your favorite park, beach, or even your own home - anything that you hold dear, that will help you relax and help us capture your favorite and most authentic expressions of your kids.  Family sessions last about 2-3 hours, but we are proud to offer you an UNLIMITED time with our Platinum Sessions - as long as you, guys, need. It ensures that each family goes through a special experience with plenty of time to enjoy the time together, capture memorable images, take breaks or snacks as necessary and leave lasting memories.

Newborn sessions are incredibly fun.  Yet they take the most time: 3-4 hours, depending how long it will take for your baby to relax and fall asleep.  As soon as you book your session, you will get the information packet that will provide you with all the details about the session and access to a private client only portion of the site where you can get photos/videos/faqs from Dream Come True Photo typical sessions.

Can we get images with baby’s mom, dad, and siblings?

You bet!  New addition to the family is such a remarkable moment in everybody’s life, so we are looking forward to capture this fleeting and important stage for all of your family in our Platinum Session!  Nothing could be more beautiful then a mom’s or dad’s touching tenderness towards their new little one. Elly deeply believes in existing in photographs for your children, for generations to come.


General Questions


What’s the standard workflow at DreamComeTruePhoto?

  1. Contact us to to get more information: please email [email protected], call 732-592-2121 or fill in our form on a website.

  2. Every client is entitled a complimentary Pre Consultation appointment. To create a product that is custom-tailored for you and your family, we will need more details about you, your goals, your needs.  You’ll have a chance to get familiar with all the wonderful packages/products/services that we can offer.  Pre Consultation appointments can be conducted in person, over the phone or with video-conferencing tools, such as Skype.

  3. As soon as you book the session, you will get a valuable information packet with details about the session, special offers, product overview, clothing guide, digital file information and an access to client only portion of the site that has photos/videos/faqs about each step of the session.

  4. On your session day you’ll have a chance to relax, have fun, and enjoy this special time!

  5. You will receive a link for special slide show with all the images from your session available for you and your family within 3-4 weeks from your session.

  6. During Ordering Appointment you will have the opportunity to see, touch, and select the best products that fit your lifestyle, home and budget.

  7. Once the order is placed, your images will be uploaded to DreamComeTruePhoto password protected online gallery.  You are welcomed to share your online gallery with friends and family.  Client gallery will remain active for the next year.  After the 30 day review period, the online gallery expires and can be reactivated for an additional fee of $35.


Why do I need a Pre Consultation?

Every person is different, every home is different, every baby is different. Elly will create images and products that capture your unique personalities, fit you and your family best, preserve special moments, features and milestones valuable to yourr heart. You will have a chance to find out more about the session ahead of time to be able to get the most value for your investment.