I am a contemporary portrait photographer, who passionately wants to preserve the most timeless and precious valuables: love and connection your family feels for each other.  It is not about how you look at the moment - that is subjective, that will change, you will forget it.  I want you to remember those things you never want to forget: how mad you are about your children, how tender you feel about your loved one, how special is the bond that you guys share.  I want you and your children to feel empowered and overwhelmed with gratitude for having each other in your life, every time you look at the uniquely personal, deeply special, timeless and artistic portraits that I’ll create for you.

Children will remember not the material goods you provide, but the feeling of being cherished.

As a Mother to a three very different, energetic, sometimes wild, sometimes sweet and sensitive boys, I really understand how mad we all feel about our kids, how tenderly - about our own parents, how greatful - to our loved ones.

As a woman, I deeply feel our secret desire to look and feel gorgeous, to reflect the inner beauty, that every single one of the moms, daughters, grandmas really wants to present to the world. I am passionate to bring out your very best in every image: I am eager to share my extensive knowledge of posing, lighting and retouching to make everyone in front of my camera look stunning, to give you the justice you truly deserve.

I would love for you to discover how beautiful you really look and experience it through my lens.

I am completely nuts about learning. Constantly doing it. You'll never catch me without another photography seminar or lecture streaming through my headphones; I am on an everlasting quest to improve the images that I take, the products I offer, the service I provide.  Working on improving my photographic skills since college, I ended up with not one, but two Bachelor degrees.  I am very fortunate to find a profession where technological and creative aspects always keep me longing to discover more.

I belonging to US Professional Photographer Association and Professional Photographer Association of NJ, working hard on the certifications they provide.

I love learning about people. I’ll ask you a thousand questions to help us both find and capture things unique only to you.

I love to read and watch movies that give me something to ponder about later. I deeply feel all the things I experience and learn. I am the queen of silver lining and can find positive things to appreciate in everything and everybody I encounter.

I would love the special images I create to outlive me, my past and future awards for it.  

I would love the fleeting magical moments and emotions that they preserve, to become the springboard for the deeper connection between the people who love each other so greatly to make this possible.


I would love to preserve those special things for Your family.